design philosophy

My design practice takes on various forms and intentions.

I find myself designing in relation and in response: not only to content, but also to context and to collaborators. This situatedness drives a synthesis of elements into a specific solution that I do not anticipate from the outset. Rather, I let forms evolve from my conceptual exploration and experimentation that I then execute with an attention both to detail and to whole. A smart graphic design solution evolves from the content, the context, and the communicative purpose at hand—not from a preconceived idea of style or form to be imposed. I strive to develop my creative processes in ways that cultivate understanding of content and purpose through analysis, research, and iteration.

I work on two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital media. I focus on independent projects about food (and, increasingly, about health) as well as periodic freelance and pro bono projects in support of local foods, the environment, and the arts. I am inspired to use social and environmental values as an impetus for visual communication, and many of my recent works in diverse media are united in their relationship to environments.

Sense of place is a compelling force for me. It drives my commitment to projects that relate humans and natural systems in meaningful and sustainable ways. It also inspires me to respond to the world around me, translating my observations and perceptions into visual works.